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A little about myself...

I grew up in the city and worked as a programmer in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  I gave all that up to bring my daughter to the mountains and raise her in a small mountain community.  When illness prevented me from working a “normal” job with regular hours I decided to start my own business ~ and Ma Barker’s Kitchen was born.

I decided on "Ma Barker’s Kitchen" to honor my mother and grandmother.  When I was very young my Grandma Barker taught me to bake cookies and to sew (and knit and crochet as well).  My mom, who was always there for me, helped me when I made my 8th grade graduation dress, and also taught me to cook.  I have the fondest memories of times in the kitchen and sewing machine with both, so when it came time to name my business, it was a “no-brainer”.

This product is all hand made.  I mix, sew and package the product myself.  However, I have a dream of one day being able to expand.  When that happens I will be employing as many disabled people as possible.  I have already been in contact with a company in our community who contracts to do various cleaning and productions jobs using Developmentally Disabled Adults, each provided with a coach.  I will use them for as much of my production as possible.  I would also like to “contract out” the sewing to others who, like me, may have physical limitations but are still completely functional and want to work from home.  That is my dream, in a nutshell.

One Final Note:

The idea for Chuck Wagon Chow came to me while helping a friend in her commercial kitchen.  The idea evolved over several hours, and was for the most part the product you see today.  Finally my friend asked if I was finished.  I told her I had pretty much exhausted that tangent... but she went on to tell me that I had just described my new product!!  I could not have done this without her patient mentoring, encouragement, and help in more ways than I can list here.  Thank you Sandee, my gratitude to you is endless.

I also cannot take credit for the creativity and skills necessary to create a product like this.  I am blessed with these gifts from God, and give Him all the glory!